Paris Photo LA

(photo credit: – because I wasn’t thinking and did not take many pictures when I was there)

This past weekend I attended the 2nd annual Paris Photo right here in the heart of LA. Paris Photo is an International art fair mostly for photographic and moving picture mediums. It took place at Paramount Studios backlot this year as it was last, and it was yet again a delightful experience.

My one regret is not being able to get to see the LAPD unedited exhibit. I would love to talk about it here, but I unfortunately was unable to get in. I could have gotten in, but I do not fair well with large crowds and long lines, so I had opted to forgo that opportunity. It was definitely much more packed this year than last year, but it possibly could have been the fact that we were there for the last day of the photo fair, and perhaps since the ticket prices were slashed by half in comparison to the previous year.

There were smaller galleries and it did not showcase as many exhibits as before, but still a good amount of worthwhile pieces were showing. Continue reading