Box Addictions #1: The Twistband Club July 2014

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I might have a history of subscribing to multiple boxes of unnecessary beauty products and accessories. And now I have added a new box to my collection

The Twistband Club.

The Twistband started in 2008 and is located in Newport Beach, California.
These hairbands are made from a special blend of elastic so that it won’t leave dents in your hair. The first time I used Twistbands was from my earlier boxes called Birchbox – it sent me one scrunchy and I really loved how it felt in my hair and the simplicity of the actual band itself. I subscribed for 3-months at $10 per box.

Now, I understand that it might seem unreasonable to spend so much money on something that looks like a tied up elastic underwear band. However, I enjoy them and seeing all the colors keeps me happy and so I thought I would give it a shot.

This month I received a set of Twistband’s Rhea Hair Tie set:

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As you can tell, I received 3 geometric patterned bands and 2 very feminine pink and lavender bands. My guess for this month’s box was that the them would be very bright and summery as these bands are meant to be worn the following month, August. These pastel hues remind me more of Spring than Summer, but nonetheless, very cute and will be put to use. If you did not know, the boxes that I receive are a complete mystery. I love surprises.

My second item is the Twistband Stretchy Shoelace.
The color is very pretty, it’s a shimmery sky blue and they look like a good reliable pair of sneaker laces. Too bad I don’t really wear sneakers and my Nike’s look fine with their hot pink laces. I’ll just have to keep these on hold until I find some use for them.

I also want to mention how cute their boxes look. There’s something very satisfying receiving these little packages in the mail once a month. I already can’t wait for the others!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

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