ARTIST | Urban Rescue


A friend of mine had recently introduced me to a new Christian band called “Urban Rescue”. I didn’t have a huge opinion about it but she was more than enthusiastic to share. When I first listened to them it was definitely a refreshing take on Christian music. I love music and I love music that are able to take me to places that are different then where I am at that moment. Ever had that feeling, or am I alone on this? And Urban Rescue has been a good source of that.

Scruffy beards, denim, mason jars, and hipster art works is only the surface of this Los Angeles band. If you have not heard of them yet, they have awesome music and I can really see them catching some major attention soon. I’m just coming back from a free show that they had at Christ Presbyterian Church in Huntington Beach. They’re absolutely exceptional live and truly usher in a pure weight of worship. Energetic, raw, and honest are some words that really come to mind when I think about describing Urban Rescue. Speaking to them after showed me how passionate they were about bringing their love for music and God together.

They’ll be going on tour soon so I do advise catching some dates to see them.

They will also be releasing a new EP in the beginning of August. I was able to hear some of the songs during the worship night, and I’m very excited to add them to my Spotify playlist.

Here’s a song from their album “Listen Empty” called Take Me Back:


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