The Original Sin

Brueghel Jan__de_Oude_en_Peter_Paul_Rubens - Adam and Eve

There’s been a heavy thought on my mind and heavier weight in my heart. The thought is that the more I get to know people, the less they seem to understand the concept of the separation caused by sin.

Now, I believe that it’s in our nature to make errors. It’s even in our nature to fall into long extended periods of failing and rolling around in it trying to cover it up. I am surely one that is guilty of that. This is beyond us making a few mistakes, the sins that keep us separated is much more rooted in the condition of our hearts before God.

I never believed that Adam and Eve were punished for eating a piece of fruit, nor did I believe that a group of people constructing a tower was hit with God’s wrath all of a sudden. I also don’t think an entire  city was demolished just because they did some bad things. I kept thinking, there must have been something of greater weight  for them to receive such harsh consequences. The only thing that I can see it to tie it all together is the fact that they let their own desires, their own decisions, outweigh the decisions of God.

If on my own accord I decided that I myself was greater than God, then His existence has no meaning to me and thus I forfeit all inheritance as I have proclaimed I do not belong to Him. Right? If I say that you don’t exist in my life, then chances are all the things you offer to me essentially don’t exist to me. If I really think about it, it’s actually very alarming  at how much I do just that in my life. If justice had its way, I would be long gone, I have proclaimed many times that my thoughts were much greater than God’s, and my ways much higher than His.

And that’s where I start to feel separated spiritually.

In the bible it tells us that God has forgiven all of our sins, past, present, and future. So why is it that even though I do sin, I keep telling myself that I am justified through Christ but at the same time feel still so separated from Him? It’s actually a very simple question. So Christ died on our behalf so that we are forgiven, and no matter what, we are saved. Caput, once you accepted that fact you have a ticket through the narrow gate. But, when we continue to place ourselves at higher grounds than God and we make our decisions based on our own thoughts and justifications, we are creating a chasm between our life and God’s hand simply by rejecting his presence in our lives. Now because He is loving, He will not make you love Him because forced love would probably be called something else.

Bottom line is that when we say we are judged by God, I don’t know for sure, but I do not believe He sees the actual act we committed. I don’t think He really cares if you ate a piece of fruit in His garden. I don’t think that building a giant tower would have pissed Him off. I don’t think that doing drugs, cheating on your wife, or gossiping about the new girl is what He sees. Whatever the act is and whatever degree, it doesn’t really matter. What He sees is you proclaiming that you know what’s best, despite his warning and guidance, you are choosing to reject it and walking away from what could have been yours and into something He’s been trying to protect you from. And after a long time of living on your own without Him, you might feel a little distant. People might start to wonder where God is and think that God doesn’t exist, because He’s so far away — so distant from our lives because we simply didn’t need Him anymore. Then you begin to wonder where He was when you needed Him, but despite His offering of help, because you have been rejecting Him for so long… the further He just seems to be.

Luckily though He is a wonderful God that wants to pick up where you left off with no strings attached. That’s grace – something we didn’t deserve to receive but received to its fullest benefit. He will always be there for you when you realize that you do need Him.

When we see our brothers and sisters in this continuous vicious cycle of our world, but most importantly ourselves, we need to look away from the act itself and focus on the posture of our hearts.
Have we been justifying all of our actions based on ourselves and our own experiences or do we really make decisions together while loving Christ?
It’s always been from the very beginning, a matter of pride.


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