EXO: The Future of Sustainable Food Sources

photo credit: http://www.exo.co

For all those that are on the Paleo diet or venturing the exciting new grounds of alternative food sourcing, here’s a new sensation that might have ethical farming activists scrambling for more cricketing news.

When I first heard about this new food source I was very quick to judge it, only because the idea sounded so disturbing. However, taking a step back and viewing it in a global cultural sense, we’ve been eating crickets for thousands of years and it is still enjoyed around the world to this day. Taking another look at current poverty rates, ethical farming issues, and other food related economic topics, the idea to bring in a 5th player may not be a bad idea (The other 4 I’m referring to Red Meat, White Meat, Seafood, and Vegetables/Fungi).

These Brown University alumni were quick to catch on that the American mass may not have the most inviting response to dried, ground up crickets. So they’re introducing this new “Flour” into a protein chocolate bar. I have not had the pleasure of trying them out for myself but I think I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on them despite my reservations against creepy crawly creatures. I think EXO might have a grasp on something that can really improve the future of what we know about food sourcing, nutritional benefits, and social solutions.

EXO Chocolate Bars

You can check out their website for more information, it’s filled with very engaging information and a story about where this all began! www.exo.co


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